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I always move into September with mixed emotions. Part of me is sad to leave behind the lighter spring and summer months. Another part of me looks forward to getting the kids back to school and re-immersing myself in business change, eager to discover what the next few months may bring.

It seems that my business change colleagues are also keen to get back to work. There are loads of good business change management events being held over the next couple of months. I have listed a few that have caught my eye below:

Gaining Engagement in Cross-organisational Change

APM Business Change Special Interest Group is running a webinar on Cross-organisational change in a complex environment: a case study in gaining engagement on Tuesday 12 September.

I have heard Arnab speak a few times and always pick up useful tips from him to use in my own work. He gained many years experience in the complex environment of Transport for London (tfl) and openly shares his experiences. This is a webinar I will definitely be signing up for.

Increasing project success with hearts and minds

“Your presentation was the first time I really was able to get an insight into what change management can achieve.”

This was the feedback from an attendee at a presentation I gave on Increasing Your Project Success with Effective Change Management earlier in the year. I am repeating it as a webinar, in partnership with SPOCE and APMG, on Thursday 14 September. During the session, we explore how business change management can add value to projects. We also give a quick overview of the APMG Change Management Certification. Please sign up if this is of interest.

Emotional Intelligence and Change Resilience

The Change Management Institute (CMI) London Branch is running a session on Emotional Intelligence and Change Resilience on 26 September.

There is a small charge to attend, but it promises to be an interesting evening. Emotional intelligence is a vital subject for business change managers. Richard Smith is a highly experienced and knowledgeable People and Change expert. Anything he says on the subject of developing people’s capacity to change is well worth a listen!

Project Challenge

Another London event so apologies to those based elsewhere. However, this is a two day event so may be worth travelling to if you are based away from the South East.

Project Challenge is running at Olympia on 10-11 October and is free to attend. Over the two days it runs a programme of seminars covering a wide range of topics. You will end up on a lot of exhibitor mailing lists but just need to unsubscribe from them afterwards – a small price to pay for the value of attending.

There are quite a few sessions on business change throughout the two days. One that stands out for me is Ranjit Sidhu’s session on Recognising the Faces of Resistance to Change. Ranjit is insightful and experienced and a great presenter so the session is one to look forward to.

If you have any personal recommendations of business change events coming up, please share them in the comments box below.

Blog topics

And what can you expect from Business Change Enthusiasts for the rest of the year? I am planning posts on change management qualifications, behavioural economics and more on the ever-fascinating subject of organisational culture.

I am also hoping to host my first guest blog from a fellow business change enthusiast about Toastmasters.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for blog topics, or if you would like to write a guest blog on any aspect of business change. Either post in the comment box below or email me at