Supporting managers and staff through a major transformation

support managers and staff

The Scenario

Middle managers and staff were struggling with a major transformation in a large, complex organisation. Morale was low and stress levels were rising. Service levels were under threat, as well as the success of the change. A workshop was designed to support managers and staff with the changes whilst maintaining business as usual services.

What we did

In close collaboration with key stakeholders we designed and ran a one-day workshop for all affected managers and staff to:

  • introduce tools to help delegates cope in uncertain times
  • increase confidence that managers can support their staff during change
  • maintain service levels throughout the transformation
  • coping with individual stress and increasing resilience

How we did it

Workshops were run over four weeks. Small groups of delegates spent the day in a safe environment where they could explore the impact of the change, build informal networks of support and try out coping techniques.

The impact

Pre and post evaluation showed that:

89% of delegates increased their knowledge of the effects of complex change

74% of delegates felt better equipped to positively influence the change

2/3 of middle managers had increased confidence that they could manage and support their team through the change

The vast majority of delegates felt more aware of their stress levels and better able to cope with them

Want to know more?

Would your managers and staff benefit from being able to cope better with change? If so, please get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help support managers and staff through your change.