The Shape of ChangeThe Shape of Change

“At last, a book that supports the change journey by providing step by step advice and  guidance on how to deliver effective change”

No organisation, change initiative or stakeholder is ever the same. The way business change management is shaped for every different situation makes a vital contribution to the success of the change.

The Shape of Change is the first business change management book to focus solely on this challenge. Written from the business change manager’s point of view, it explores how to plan, implement and embed successful change initiatives in a wide range of organisations. It focuses on shaping each change approach to take into consideration the individual situation including:

  • organisational culture
  • the type and impact of change the initiative
  • the attitudes and concerns of stakeholders
  • the potential for resistance within the organisation.

The Shape of Change uses a series of example change initiatives in private, public and non-profit sectors to describe the change management journey. It highlights key points where business change management interventions are essential and examines how these may differ depending on individual circumstances. It also explores how it feels to undertake business change initiatives in a wide range of situations, from communicating the initial change idea to ensuring the change is embedded and its benefits are being realised.

Accessible and comprehensive, The Shape of Change is relevant to anyone working in or planning organisational change.

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The Effective Change Manager’s HandbookThe Effective Change Manager's Handbook

“The book is full of well-researched and academically tested information and practical guidance from successful change managers…. 5 stars”

The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook is designed to help practitioners, employers and academics define and practise change management successfully and develop change management maturity within their organisation.

A single-volume learning resource covering the range of knowledge required, it includes chapters from established thought leaders on topics ranging from benefits management, stakeholder strategy, facilitation, change readiness, project management and education and learning support.

Endorsed by the Change Management Institute and the official guide to the CMI Body of Knowledge, The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook covers the whole process from planning to implementation, offering practical tools, techniques and models to effectively support any change initiative.

The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook is also the set text for the APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner qualifications

Nicola authored chapter 7: Change Readiness, Planning and Measurement.

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