Developing a business change team

developing a business change team

The scenario

The newly-formed business change team was ready to make a difference within their organisation. However, they were struggling to engage the interest of their colleagues. They were frustrated at their lack of impact within the organisation. We helped in developing the business change team by training and supporting them to position themselves as a valuable asset to the wider organisation.

What we did

We ran an in-house training course – the APMG Change Management course – for the team. This training enabled them to:

  • discuss the models and best-practice approaches in the context of their organisation
  • understand their culture, stakeholders and change challenges in greater depth
  • create a common approach and language towards business change
  • create an approach to raising their profile and increasing their value to the organisation
  • gain a recognised and respected change management qualification

How we did it

We ran the course over 5 days at the organisation. All ten members of the change team attended. The delegates used real life change projects as case studies explore the theories and best practice learnt throughout the course. The team was given time to discuss and develop how to best offer their services and raise their profile within the organisation.

The impact

The team fed back that they benefited greatly from having a week with no interruptions to focus on change management techniques and models. They valued the opportunity to discuss real-life issues with the team and the expert trainer. They felt that all members gaining a recognised qualification would significantly help them develop closer relationships with those who needed their assistance within the organisation.

Want to know more?

Would your change or project team benefit from accredited training? If so, please get in touch for more information on how we can help.