Supporting a career move into business change

career change into business change management

The scenario

Our client worked as a senior professional in sales leadership. He wanted to transition towards a career in business change management. However, he did not know whether he had the relevant skills or experience to enter the profession. We ran a course of remote coaching sessions to support his career move into business change management.

What we did

Our client had five coaching sessions with an experienced change management professional. The sessions focused on:

Identifying key knowledge, skills and attitudes which could be transitioned to business change management

Shaping and reviewing his cv and other marketing tools to focus on business change management

Sharing experiences and lessons learned in the world of business change

Signposting and information sharing on business change networks, best practice and trends

How we did it

Our client was living abroad, so the coaching sessions ran remotely using a web-conferencing platform. The sessions were one-hour long and ran for a period of four months. Each session ended with creation of an action plan, and sessions were scheduled at key milestones in these plans. This enabled maximum value for our client throughout his transition.

The impact

Our client reported that he valued the chance to reflect on his previous experiences during the sessions. He was able to apply these experiences to a recently gained change management qualification. This resulted in countless new insights and a personal action plan. The sessions gave our client the self-confidence to land his first position with a Change Management consultancy.

Want to know more?

Can we help you with your career change into business change management? Or perhaps we could support you through your first change management role? If so, contact us for an informal chat to discuss your requirements and how we can help.